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Harmony - reused or self-sufficient However Prince Charles...

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In the film “Harmony”, Prince Charles introduced to us what he had been doing since 22 years before. He focused on the marine pollution, toxic waste, acid rain, global warming etc, which was thought crazy by most people at that time. However, those terms comes into our lives and shocks us one after another. During recent centuries, we keep asking the earth: “What can u give us” and exploit it so much; digging fossil fuels, cutting down the forests, using the water unlimitedly, all those actions push the world to the edge of break. As more useful and efficient technology coming out, that seems we does not show enough respect to where all the substance come from. Now, it’s time to bring it back to the balance. I used to think the word “sustainable” as one thing can last a long period of time, can be
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Unformatted text preview: reused, or self-sufficient. However, Prince Charles show me a brand-new idea of it, which is we need to keep a balance between human and nature, we cant just taking from nature without giving it back. In some country located in South America, like Brazil, in order to improve their economy development, they cut down thousands acreage of rainforest. As we know, this area is called “lung of the earth”, because the forest can absorb the carbon dioxide and release oxygen. If we just cut the trees but don’t plant some, the decreasing of the forest will lead to a disaster. Consequently, we supposed to be aware of nowadays situation, try to be “harmony” with nature. That’s how the world can be sustainable used....
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