CivilWarTest2 - Final begins on pp. 61 October 11, 2010...

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Unformatted text preview: Final begins on pp. 61 October 11, 2010 America was a land accustomed to peace, war would change that forever Both sides fighting for absolutes, union v. independence Each side grossly underestimated the power & strength of the other, unbounded enthusiasm rushed the countrymen rushed to enlist, both sides went off seeking the red badge of courage mentality 1861 US army = little over 16,000 men the sides of the army were insufficient when split up- Nearly a 1/3 of the officers split from the union and joined the confederacy Gen. Chief Winfield Scott- Magnificent mountain of a man, taller than Lincoln, could not even walk a short distance w/o effort, he was 74, been in the army over 50 yrs- Could no longer even sit on a horse; attn span no longer than hour- Basically just a living monument West Point Professor Mahan- Finest engineering school at the time (NOT military genius)- You were a senior before you hit actual military training, beyond engineering o Taught Napoleanic tactics; never taught how you fight a civil war, never taught the difference between types of war- This war was not at all set in the textbook, it was fought by citizen soldiers not What the war required of generals was: competence the innovative generals were the once that were famed, not the ones who paid attention to Mahan Spring 1861 North had: capital, capital city, white house, permanent weapons, postal system, American tradition- Couldnt find enough soldiers to wage war, let alone protect Washington- It was a mere village, few grand buildings with vast open space, it was basically end of a major R.R. line from could have easily be taken by man power due to only 90 men actually protecting the capital- Weaknesses existed in Abes govt; US treasury was empty (thanks to 1850 Panic) - Abe was the 1 st Republican administration, under the prevailing spoils system Republicans literally besieged Abe in the White House, 100s would show up looking for a job- Not one member of his administration has held a high executive position in any o Abe himself had only held one position within the House of Reps - 1 st Sec of War under Abe: Simon Cameron o Leading Republican in PA; quickly proven to be incompetent- Criticized for not appointing any Dems what so ever, which could have potentially eased relations across party lines; instead he appointed a Repub to every position - Sec. of State: William Henry Seward o Crafty, ambitious, sly, supremely overconfident, schemed against his fellow cabinet members as well as Abe Confederacy had: nothing; they came in from scratch- A govt had to form; had no military, ships, sailors; monetary system, needed - Formed a constitution in 17 days (congressional committee that met in o Huge chunks stole n from US Constitution on purpose , since the ir whole point wa s to prote ct the origina l constitution Pre side nt wa s give n: unconditiona l powe r of re m ova l of m a jor office s,...
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CivilWarTest2 - Final begins on pp. 61 October 11, 2010...

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