Find the velocity and angle at which the ball was

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Unformatted text preview: nd the velocity and angle at which the ball was kicked, and determine the time of travel. Would the ball go over a 6ft goalie standing 15ft from the goal? 1 3. Problem 3-5 from Greenwood: Consider the free motion of an underdamped massspring-damper system such as that in Sec. 3-7. For each cycle of oscillation, what is the interval between the time of maximum velocity and the time at which the displacement is zero? 4. Problem 3-9 from Greenwood:A pendulum consists of a particle of mass m and a massless string of length 2R: As the de ection angle increases, the string wraps around one of two xed cylinders of radius R adjacent to the support point O: a Obtain the di erential equation for ; where is assumed to be positive. q b Assuming the initial conditions 0 = 0; _0 = 2gR ; nd max: 2...
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