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ENAE 655/662 Fundamentals of Vibration Linear Vibrations Course Outline 1. Free and Forced Vibrations of Single Degree of Freedom Systems Complementary Response Particular Response Transient Solution Homogeneous Solution Total Solution 2. Proportional and Non-proportional Damping Viscous Hysteretic coulomb 3. Two Degree of Freedom Systems Complex Impedance Vibration absorbers and isolators 4. Multi-degree of Freedom Systems Modal Frequencies Mode shapes
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Unformatted text preview: Eigenstructure Method of Influence Coefficients 5. Modeling of Physical Structures- Newtonian Perspective Newtonian Dynamics Strings, rods, beams, plates, etc. Separable Solutions 6. Modeling of Physical Structures- Hamiltonian Perspective Hamiltonian Dynamics Strings, rods, beams, plates, etc. Separable Solutions 7. Solutions by Modal Analysis 8. Approximate Methods Assumed Modes Raleigh Ritz...
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