MTH 116 (PreCalc) FINAL REVIEW - MTH 116 Final Exam Review...

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Greg Sulisz Strategies and rules for the final exam. .. 1. No one can leave the room during the exam, so take care of any activities that require not being in the room before the exam starts. 2. When you first open the exam, look through it and find the easiest problems. Do those first. Then go back and do the other problems. You’ll have 2 hours, which will be plenty of time if you are prepared. Be sure to pace yourself well. 3. Show all of your work and don’t erase work that could be partially correct. If you change your mind, draw a line through it but leave it legible. You never know what you might get partial credit for if a grader sees it. However, as usual, there are some problems where no partial credit may be given. 4. Pay attention to what kinds of problems can be checked using your calculator, ESPECIALLY true/false and multiple choice problems . If you are not sure of how to approach the problem, try graphing the equation and learning something from the graph, or try plugging in some reasonable numbers and doing some experiments to determine whether the statement is true or false. If possible, it is wise to check your answers with your calculator. 5. Watch out for problems that require exact solutions. Leave fractions, pi, square roots, etc. Don’t turn things into decimals or round off any numbers. 6. You can use a graph to solve a problem provided it doesn’t say “algebraically” in the problem’s instructions, and provided you show the graph on your exam. 7. If you are a heavy sleeper, set every alarm clock you own or have a friend call you to make sure you wake up. About this review packet. .. The problems in this packet are similar to the sort that I EXPECT you might find on the actual final exam, based on material on previous final exams. You’ll notice the problems in the packet are organized by the test that covered that material. The problems on the actual final exam will probably not be in any particular order. Not all the material we covered in the class is found in this packet. However, the topics that have historically been covered on the final exam are all here. If I put every single topic we covered in the class on this packet, we would have a 62-page packet and the review session would take 27 hours. Also, there are more problems in this packet than there will be
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MTH 116 (PreCalc) FINAL REVIEW - MTH 116 Final Exam Review...

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