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HW#2 - acidic or basic 2e up up 2f 1 mole 120.38g 50 mL 3a...

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Chad Bible Biology 201L Section 5 Feb 15, 2011 1a. False, water has a higher boiling point than methanol because the bonds in water are stronger than methanol which requires more energy. 1b. True, because of the solubility rules 1c. False, water has a higher electronegativity making it more cohesive. 2a. pH= -log[H+] 2b. 4 2c. acidic 2d. pH 7 is neutral and if there are more or less H+ the solution will either become
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Unformatted text preview: acidic or basic. 2e. up, up 2f. 1 mole, 120.38g, 50 mL 3a single bond 4a. Alcohol 5a. It is very insoluble in water and inaccessible to antiamylose enzymes. 6a. single bond 7a. composed of one or more chains of amino acids 7b. It could change the enzymes and other components making it more or less functional....
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