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1. Ctenophores swim by using the cilia in their _ctenes__ which are arranged in _comb rows_or combs_. 2. In general, the upper limits of species distributions on rocky shores are set by _physical__ factors, and the lower limits are set by __biological__ factors. 3. In __leuconoid__ type sponges, the pores open into radial canals with choanocyte lined chambers. 4. The free living stage, sexual stage of scyphozoans is produced though a process
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Unformatted text preview: unique to the scyphozoans called ___strobilation___ 5. The loss of zooxanthellae within the scleractinians is called _coral bleaching_(2 words). 6. The trematode stage that travels from the invertebrate intermediate host to definitive vertebrate host is called the _cercariae_ 7. The Innkeeper worm feeds by using _peristalsis_to move water through its burrow, and then catching particles on a __mucus net_ it later consumes....
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