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I’m writing about Super Bowl 44. This took place last year in Miami. My favorite team, the New Orleans Saints was playing the Indianapolis Colts. This was a game that even the most religious fan never thought they would see. I am from Louisiana, so seeing this game gave me goose bumps. The first quarter started off ok. By the second quarter was ending our explosive offense had did their job well and we were in a close race with the Colts. When halftime came we were down in points and I could hear in my dad’s voice he was quickly losing faith. Then we kicked an onside kick and recovered the ball. I swore my dad was going to come flying high through my phone. We all sat quietly on the edge of the couch watching as the Saints scored a touchdown. Then they intercepted the ball. I couldn’t believe it; the Saints had incredibly won the super bowl! It was a true miracle to me and so many other Saints fans. My dad was the happiest person on Earth. He had prayed for this for many years. I truly can’t remember a super bowl
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Unformatted text preview: where I cared who really won, but this one was different. I cried uncontrollably as the confetti feel. My husband said it was the silliest thing he ever saw, he didn’t understand. This was more than a game. This was a graceful rebirth of the greatest city, New Orleans. This game symbolized everyone’s hard work and determination to pick up and move on after Hurricane Katrina. This was finally something worth partying for. Oh how I wish I could have been there for that party. The city may have been hurt but from that night on it glowed with the most beautiful colors of hope. This game was a huge turnaround from the Saints of many other games. Where fans sat with bags on their heads so no one realized who they were, or even the games where crazed fans threw eggs on the field after another horrible lose. Now every Saints fan was loudly shouting from their rooftops the amazing love and support they had for this team, our team....
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