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Check point 1 - play very big roles in societies in the...

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Running head: RACE AND ETHNICITY 1 Race and Ethnicity Sarah Calame 125 February 15 2011 Nancy Messer
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RACE AND ETHNICITY 2 Race and Ethnicity What do race and ethnicity mean? According to our chapter race is the classification of humans into groups, often based on factors like biology, looks, beliefs, and culture. Biological race is based on the mistaken notion of a genetically isolated human group. There is no such thing today, since each group has reproduced with another there is no one set race. Ethnicity is the character of quality of an ethnical group. Examples of ethnical groups are Hispanics or Latinos, Mexican Americans, Irish Americans, or Polish Americans. They all are groups set apart from others because of their national origin or distinctive cultural patterns. These concepts
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Unformatted text preview: play very big roles in societies in the United States; this is because of the social meaning people have attached to them. Some feel that a certain race or group may be below them because of their income, or the way they live. These concepts usually benefit the person who is defining who is privileged and who is not. Race and class have implications for the way people are treated. Social importance of race comes from a process of racial formation, its biological significance is uncertain. Racial and ethnic oppression in the United States today is the distinction between assimilation and pluralism. Assimilation demands subordinate group conformity to the dominant group, while pluralism implies mutual respect between diverse groups....
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Check point 1 - play very big roles in societies in the...

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