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I have learned many new things about other minority group’s struggles and challenges they have faced when coming to America. All the groups we have studied have overcome many of the challenges that have crossed their path. They have also shown they are not backing down from future challenges that may come their way. I believe that the immigration trends in the United States will greatly change, especially by the year 2050. I do think the increasing population and immigration from Hispanics and Asians will help give them a better foothold to make changes in policies that directly affect their ethnic groups. This increase will begin to make them more of a majority than a minority. Our country will continue to change and continue to grow with those who are minorities, eventually being a part of the majority. Although, there is a lot of negativity that has resulted with the President elect for example, there is a lot of positivity in this also. It gives people of the minority and the majority an opportunity to see that although
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Unformatted text preview: the United States still has major improvement that we have come a long way, despite everything else. The country can best prepare for the changing race and ethnicity of its current and future citizens by being open minded and accepting of what the future holds. If Americans can keep an open mind and be positive about our growing country, then the transition will be much easier and the result will be much more positive. I think the country can better prepare for the changing race by becoming more aware of the current problems these groups face and finds ways to improve the problem areas. We can also incorporate schools with more information on the different cultures that are present in the United States. This will also help children identify with other cultures and make the future of our country a happier and harmonious place to live and keep stereotypes at a minimum....
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