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The movie I chose to review is the 2009 film Precious. This film is about the novel Push by Sapphire. Precious was a film that thrived in the theaters mainly because we as a society could connect to the issues it brought up. The film is filled with issues very apparent in our world today; from being obese to being sexually abuse by a family member. In the film the main character, Precious is a teen who has been consistently raped by her absentee father, resulting in one baby and another on the way. Her mother has also been sexually abusing her along with physically and emotionally abusing her and her daughter, who has Down syndrome. Just these issues alone are enough to stop anyone from thriving in the world, but she also had been kicked out of school and had started attending an alternative school for troubled teens. This film did an awesome job bringing these issues into the light for us to see. We hear about teen pregnancy or a child being abused, but how many of us have tried to do something to stop it? This is the biggest thing I took away from the movie; our lack as a society to help
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