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Week 8 Assignment - I will definitely explore the labs that...

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o How did this game help you understand the electronic resources available to you? I think this game showed me more of what is available as to resources. Because I took workshops before my classes started, I was already aware of the different areas that offer assistance. For those who didn’t take any, I think this game gives them a reason to explore all the help that’s offered. o What resource do you want to explore more when you have the time? Explain why.
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Unformatted text preview: I will definitely explore the labs that deal with accounting and finance because that follows my degree program. But I will also check out statistics and critical thinking because it’ll be good to have information in these areas as well. As an accountant, if I can be aware of what is going on in my area, then I can better assist my clients and/or employer with the best possible services for them. •...
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