COM285 Final Exam - COM 285 Final Exam (Name) Your paper...

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COM 285 – Final Exam ( Name) Your paper earned 100% . See corrected answers below. Please mark each question as True or False by placing a “T” or “F” in front of the number of the question. Business and Administrative Communication, 8/e (Hill) T. 1. Business depends on communication. T. 2. For many businesses and nonprofit and government organizations, the “product” is information or services rather than something tangible. F. 3. Strong communication skills are NOT vital for professionals in the business world. T. 4. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator identifies ways that people differ. F. 5. According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, extraverted people get their energy from within. T. 6. Introverts would be more likely to become focused and energized during quiet moments of meditation than during large group interactions. F. 7. Adding words to increase you-attitude or develop a reader benefit tends to make a sentence wordy. F. 8. The word “you” should be used in all business messages in order to convey the you- attitude. F. 9. Long sentences, by definition, are wordy. T. 10. Good business style places more emphasis on the visual impact of a written document than the traditional term paper style does. F 11. A written document that is uses long sentences and abstract words uses good business style. F
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COM285 Final Exam - COM 285 Final Exam (Name) Your paper...

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