global warming - Helping Prevent Global Warming Planet...

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Helping Prevent Global Warming Planet earth is warming faster than at any time in the past one thousand years and there is little doubt that human activity is to blame. There are many things we could do to stop the effects of global warming. One is to start recycling this would help clean up the earth. And people could stop smoking and they could not use their cars as much. Instead of fuel we could use solar power or any renewable source. There is increasing interest from governments in renewable energy supplies as a means of reducing greenhouse gases and global warming. The oceans are widely recognized as having the potential to provide a significant percentage of our energy requirements, and ongoing research is mapping this resource in detail. Current designs require extraction devices to be comparable in size to the length of a "typical wave". There is evidence to suggest that much smaller point absorbers could extract energy more efficiently than current designs. There are also opportunities for both natural and man-made concentration of waves in gullies and inlets. Governments are increasingly looking towards wind power and other renewable energy sources to combat increasing greenhouse gases and global warming. During its operating life, a typical wind turbine can produce 80 times the energy used to build, operate, and dismantle it. Public opinion is broadly in favour of wind power, but the environmental impact of wind farms could be a barrier to future developments. Table 7: New Sources of Renewable Energy
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global warming - Helping Prevent Global Warming Planet...

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