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Name (Please print): Section: Management 201 - Spring 2010 – Quiz 2 - Chapter 8 (CVP) Version 1 (Pink) - Solution Logical work must be shown on any question to receive positive points. You may not use calculators that can store information or communicate with someone. Cheating on a quiz will result in failure of the course. 1. The Rapid Meal has two restaurants that are open 24 hours per day. Fixed costs for the two restaurants together total $450,000 per year. Service varies from a cup of coffee to full meals. The average sales check for each customer is $8.00. The average cost of food is $1.40 per customer; other variable costs are $1.80 per customer. The income tax rate is 30%. How many customers are needed to earn an after-tax net income of $105,000? Number of customers: NIAT = (1-t)[(P – V)X – F] $105,000 = (1 - .3)[($8 – ($1.40 + $1.80))X - $450,000] $105,000/.7 = ($4.80)X - $450,000 $150,000 = ($4.80)X - $450,000 X = 125,000 customers 2. Goldman Company retails two products, a standard and a deluxe version of a luggage carrier. The
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