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201hw4 - typical secretory protein from the initial copying...

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Biology 201-006 Homework 4 Heather Oppedahl 1. a) There is a size limit to a cell because if it gets too big, it will take too long for the necessary transport of molecules to occur. b) Eukaryotic cells are more complex, live longer, have significantly more DNA. They also have organelles that perform specific functions whereas prokaryotic cells only have a few basic parts and all of the necessary actions occur in the cytoplasm. 2. A non polar amino acid. 3. Indicate whether each of the following cellular structures or components is found in animal cells (A), bacterial cells (B), and/or plant cells (P). P Chloroplasts A,P Golgi complex P,B Cell Wall P Thylakoids A,P Microtubules A,B,P Ribosomes A,B,P DNA A,B,P Lipid bilayers A,P Nuclear Envelope A,B,P Enzymes 4. Order the events so that they represent the correct sequence of events that trace the production of a
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Unformatted text preview: typical secretory protein; from the initial copying from DNA in the nucleus to the eventual secretion from the cell. 1. The RNA is exported from the nucleus. 2. The RNA message associates with a ribosome. 3. The signal sequence on the protein is recognized by the SRP. 4. Translation of the protein continues into the rough er. 5. The protein is sent to the Golgi apparatus. 6. The protein is folded and chemical modifications are made to the protein. 7. A transport vesicle fuses with the plasma membrane. 5. Acid hydrolases are only active at acidic pH because their purpose is to catalyze hydrolysis reactions in order to bring the cell to a pH of around 7. They are less effective in a solution with a pH >5. 6. Peroxisomes and vacuoles contain transporters for selected molecules....
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