201hw3 - come in 5 Look at the following illustrations of...

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A B Biology 201 Homework 3 Due: 3/1 or 3/2; in Discussion 1. cytosine and guanine 2. unsaturated phospholipid Circle the hydrophilic region on this molecule. Why is the hydrophilic region important for the function of the molecule? 3. Refer to the image below to answer the following questions: a. A triglyceride with one unsaturated fatty acid and two saturated fatty acids b. They store chemical energy c. Fluidity can be changed by altering the number of double bonds and the length of fatty acid chains also, presence of cholesterol molecules within the membrane restrict fluidity d. B is unsaturated because of the double bond between the carbons. 4. The Na + /K + pump is an example of active transport in the cell. a. It is considered active transport because it aids in movements against its concentration gradient b. For every three Na + out, two K
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Unformatted text preview: + come in. 5. Look at the following illustrations of solutions whose solute is indicated by small circles. A B C D E Solution A is hypertonic to solution(s) C and E Solution A is hypotonic to solution(s) B and D. Solution A is isotonic to solution(s) D 6. Consider the following system in which a selectively permeable membrane separates two salt solutions. Assume that this semi-permeable membrane is permeable to water but not to salt. A B Water will flow from solution A to solution B. 7. Consider the GLUT protein transport of glucose across cell membranes. a. This type of transport is facilitated diffusion. b. If the concentration of glucose is greater outside of the cell, GLUT proteins will be facing inside the cell. c. There will be more GLUT proteins facing the outside of the cell. d. Osmosis....
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201hw3 - come in 5 Look at the following illustrations of...

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