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week 5 - o o o What are some future consequences of...

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o What are some future consequences of borrowing too much debt? o How do you plan on repaying your student loans? o What is one positive thing you can do to keep your student loans under control? Taking out student loans is a wonderful option but just like any other loan it needs to be paid back. When you fill out your FAFSA paperwork to apply for a student loan you are naturally asked the question, “How much would you like to take out above class and book expense?” You are obviously given a limit and need to make sure any ‘extra’ money you borrow needs to be geared towards school expenses. Since I take online classes, I took out enough so I would be able to buy a printer and all accessories that go with it. I also took out enough to pay for my internet costs and electric bill. These things I felt to be needed for my online class taking. I knew when I electronically signed the application that I will be charged interest for one type of loan and no interest on the other.
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