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o What recommendation does the calculator make for you? o Did the recommendation change the way you previously thought about buying vs. leasing a car? o Do you think you will follow the recommendations made by the calculator? Explain why or why not. The recommendation that was made for me was for me to lease. I do not feel this is an option for me since I don’t like the idea of paying for something I will not eventually own. I also do not like the idea of having to keep the vehicle I pay for in factory condition. I like to modify things I pay a lot of money for if I can. There are two things that I do find somewhat intriguing,
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Unformatted text preview: the idea of having little to no down payment. I also like the idea of having a new vehicle every few years. Having little to no money up front almost sets you up for more expensive payments and/or higher interest. Having a new car to drive every few years does sound nice for the materialistic side of things but what about the realistic side? We do live in the real world and I know I would not be able to guarantee driving under a specific amount of miles or keeping everything neat and clean and up to factory standards. Getting a lease is like gambling to me. Sounds nice, but only if you win....
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