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Axia College Material Appendix I Starting Your Own Exercise Routine The most successful exercise program is one that is practical and appropriate for your skill level and needs. Be realistic about the amount of time you will need to get into good physical condition. Perhaps the most significant factor early in an exercise program is personal comfort. Experiment and find an activity you enjoy. Be open to exploring new activities and exercise equipment. Please read “SKILLS FOR BEHAVIOR CHANGE: Establishing and Maintaining A Exercise Plan” in Health: The Basics to answer the questions below. 1. Based on the information provided, what are seven ways to start an exercise routine? 1. Start slowly 2. Make only one life change at a time. 3. Set reasonable expectations for yourself and your fitness program. 4. Choose a specific time to exercise, and stick with it. 5. Make exercise a positive habit. 6. Keep a record of your progress.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Take lapses in stride SCI/162 1. Based on information provided, what are the obstacles that prevent people from exercising? Lack of time, Social Influence, Lack of motivation/willpower/energy & Lack of resources. 2. What are personal obstacles that prevent you from exercising, and how can you overcome them? I personally lack motivation. I guess one way I could get over this and get motivated is to include my son in whatever activities I choose to do. I do live in Maine so we do experience some cold weather so in order to do something outside I would need to wait for nicer days. I could get through this by figuring out small activities my son and I could do inside. For instance, maybe jogging in place, walking up and down the stairs or even routine exercise like sit ups or crunches. This would also give my son and I quality time together. SCI/162...
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sci162wk3_Appendix_I[1] - 7. Take lapses in stride SCI/162...

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