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ASSIGNMENT II Part 1 1. FoodCo’s data entry screen This image show the data entry screen for staff booking their holiday. It allows staffs enter more than one holiday, and it also calculates the public holiday. That means, if staff’s holiday the same as public holiday, they can have chance to have addition holiday. 2. In FoodCo case study, suitable data management approach has to support for different views of the data by different users. Because not only manager can input data, but also staff can input their own data, such as holiday’s form above. There are no multimedia application and data to store, that why we can use DBMS type object – relational – hybrid databases that can store data in tables but can also store objects in tables. This type of DBMS helps managers, staffs easy to input data, and control their operation. 1
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1. Specify the the attribute types and operation signatures for the ProductionLine class of the the FoodCo case study. All attributes should designated private and operations public. Choose data types that reflect the domains from which the attribute values are selected. 2
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Ass02_ITC203 - ASSIGNMENT II Part 1 1. FoodCos data entry...

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