Australians fast food

Australians fast food - Australians are among the world...

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Australians are among the world leaders in fast food consumptions. Burger and chicken stores has replaced the traditional meet pies, fish and chips. Meals offered by fast-food chains as healthy options are still steeped in salt, fat and sugar, the most comprehensive analysis of fast food in Australia has found. Less than half the salads available from fast-food outlets were low fat and there was a twentyfold variation in sugar and fat between salads, according to the study of nutritional information from about 90 percent of Australian fast-food outlets. The average Australian eats out four times a week, and there are 17,000 fast food outlets in the country. Varying portion sizes at fast-food outlets can cause unintended fat, sugar and salt consumption. (Corderoy) As of 2005, according to a BIS Shrapnel report, the number of fast food restaurants in Australia has grown by 25% in the last four years. In 2009, 1.6 billion meals were served by fast food outlets in Australia, which means 4.5 million Australians visited a fast food outlet every day. (Austrilia's Fast Food Growth) With childhood obesity to the fast food on rise, Australian State and local government taxes have proposed credits for companies that set up healthier grocery shops in more impoverished neighborhoods. To the contrary, tax increase applies.
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Australians fast food - Australians are among the world...

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