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china's_economy revision - Chinas economy fell sharply The...

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China’s economy fell sharply The international financial crisis has been on the stage of the world economy for almost a year. This time, not only the developed countries had sustained the crisis, but also the developing China’s economy was developing fast and after 1986, especially in some coastal areas. A lot of people and news were saying that China has been in a good shape and did not get much hurt by the recession. The economy of China is still strong with its import and export trading. The truth is with worldwide economic recession, China’s economy also seriously affected. Moreover China has been the most crisis effective country among the developing world. The market regular theory, Chinese politics, and worldwide influence is the most important and significant reason for the falling of Chinese economy. The first reason is market regular theory. The main expression of this marketing theory is the relationship between supply and market demand. China has a very large population among the world. At the same time, China’s labor is cheaper than as other countries. On December 10 th , 2008, Chinese exports reported their largest drop of 2.2 percent from November 2007 to November 2008. The imports to China also dropped 17.9 percent. (Andrew Jacobs and David Barboza) Chinese products occupy a large percent of the products
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china's_economy revision - Chinas economy fell sharply The...

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