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Unformatted text preview: Zhuangzi The Equalizing Things include equalizing things and equalizing view. In Zhuangzis opinion, peoples moral and feeling in the world looks different, but they are really the same thing in the final analysis, this is equalizing things. In Zhuangzis another opinion, he thought peoples all kinds of perceptions and opinions look different, too. But, all the things in the world are oneness together, so all expressions of opinion are the same, too. There is no right and wrong or different, this is equalizing view. So, put equalizing things and equalizing views together is the theme of this chapter and those stories. Making a point to show that a point is not as good as making a nonpoint to show that a point is not a point. Using a horse to show that a horse is not a horse is not as good as using a nonhorse to show that a horse is not a horse. Heaven and earth are one point, the tem thousand things are one horse. Zhuangzi use the relation between the two points to tem thousand things are one horse....
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