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Case 40: The Case of the Fired Waitress What are the ethical issues in this case from an employee’s point of view? From management’s point of view? From a consumer’s point of view? Management must consider whether or not they are justified in terminating a 19-year employee for one infraction. Consumers have an interest in having the confidentiality of their comments respected. It is unethical to give the appearance of confidentiality (a locked comments box) yet allow customers comments to be viewed by any employee that asks for the key. 2. Who are the stakeholders, and what are their stakes? Ms. Hatton, the Red Lobster management, and the disgruntled customer are all stakeholders. Ms. Hatton has a stake in keeping the job she has held for 19 years (starting a new career at age 53 surely is not a welcome prospect). The management has a stake in satisfying its customers (in this case a disgruntled one who probably demands some kind of action be taken) and in enforcing company policies
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