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SUSB 17 - lmumlllllllllll _||||l||l||||ll Complexometric...

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Unformatted text preview: lmumlllllllllll illiiillliiiIHIIImiIIIIIIIIIUJlLLLLquJJJJJlUIiiIILLU_LLJiiIIHIIiIIllllllIlllillllll||||l||l||||ll UlllUMlllllllLLUllLlllUlllllllllllL Complexometric Titration of Calcium in Antacids 67 [Data Sheet 1] rNOtebookGrade:_ Safety Grade: Name Date Course/Section Pre’lab calculation: (Complete before coming to lab if you are providing the tablet.) \X’eight of tablet _____ mg Calcium carbonate content of the tablet (nominal) ____ mg Weight of tablet sample for 25 mL of 0.050 M EDTA —_ mg Concentration of standard EDTA solution M lnit. mass of container + sample (g) Mass of container + sample left over (g) Mass of sample to be titrated (g) » Final buret reading (mL) Initial buret reading (mL) g—N—et volume EDTA solution (mL) L— mmoles EDTA (mmol) mmoles Ca2+ in weighed sample (mmol) L— mmoles CaCO3 in weighed sample (mmol) Mass of CaCO3 in weighed sample (g) Mass of CaCO3 in weighed sample (mg) Mass percent CaCO3 Average mass percent CaCO3 in tablet % Average deviation of mass percent T % Percent deviation of mass percent l % Average CaCO3 content of entire tablet (mg) % ...
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