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SUSB 23_0003 - .Lesson.iw.mni.niu.imm. lllllllll llLLlLLLLl...

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Unformatted text preview: ...Lesson.iw.mni.niu.imm.WilmimnunuunuiumnanuimiiLuLun lllllllll llLLlLLLLl HIHIIII llllllllll Kinetic Study of a Bleaching Reaction 113 [Pre-laboratory Questions] Name Date Course/Section E 1. Assuming the NaOH stock solution is 0.097 M, what are the initial concentra— tions of Crystal Violet and hydroxide ion in a solution made up of 4.0 mL of the NaOl—i stock solution diluted to 50 mL plus 50 mL of 1.00 X 10‘5 M Crystal Violet solution? ,i my. [\J The reaction of a dye called "O’Hara Scarlet" with 2.00 X 10’3 M sodium hy— droxide solution is found to occur with a pseudo rate constant ql of 0.84. \Vith 4.00 X 10‘3 M sodium hydroxide, q2 is 3.36. Assuming the reaction is first order with respect to the dye, what are n and k for this reaction? (If you cannot do this pre-laboratory exercise, you will also not be able to analyze the experimental data in this exercise!) 3. In the plot of —ln (Abs) vs. t (first order), we have noted that the slope of the plot is independent of the Beer’s law constant for the dye. How does the slope, q, obtained from plotting l/Abs vs. t depend on the Beer’s law constant for the dye? ...
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