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Notes 2.17.11 - i Said believes we classify groups of...

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Geog 120 Notes 2.17.11 I. U.S. Military a. Has been involved geopolitically in every region of the world. b. Shaped politics in many areas (Middle East, Latin America, Caribbean, etc.) c. Played a role in World Wars, Vietnam, Iraq/Afghanistan Wars. II. North Africa/Southwest Asia a. More than 24 nations. b. Largest populations = Egypt, Turkey, Iran c. Religion and oil have shaped these regions in permanent ways. d. Israeli/Palestinian conflict is one of the most crucial of our time. e. Areas of heavy conflict over religion/oil. f. Birthplace of 3 main world religions. g. Crossroads for connecting N. Africa with the Mediterranean. h. High diversity and mobility. Thus, innovations in this area are easily carried beyond the region. i. Orientalism (Said): A contrast to the pervasive Occidental (Western) traditions in academics/art. As a result, Westerners group Asians together into one group.
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Unformatted text preview: i. Said believes we classify groups of people in this region (belly-dancers, terrorists) in a racist way. ii. Therefore, it is hard for us to recognize Islamic culture as it actually exists. iii. Many have a very non-humanistic, racist, clouded view of people in this region. iv. As a result, actions taken against this group of people are justified. j. Maghreb : African sub-region dominated by the Atlas Mountains, which isolate this sub-region from the rest of the region. k. Levant : Cultural area in the Mediterranean by Israel. l. Arabia Peninsula : Massive plateau region, where a lot of gas/oil is stored. m. Fertile Crescent : Place where writing and the wheel were developed. Near the Tigris and Euphrates. Considered the cradle of civilization. n. Climate : Very sharp division between Mediterranean and desert climates....
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Notes 2.17.11 - i Said believes we classify groups of...

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