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Notes 4.14.11 - Geog 120 Notes 4.14.11 Religions and...

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Geog 120 Notes 4.14.11 Religions and Developments/ East Asia I. Buddhism a. Development Pros i. No impediment to family planning or lowering fertility. ii. Open to new technologies, beliefs, and organizations. iii. Democratic Attitudes iv. Buddhist temples, traditions bring strong social support for education, health care and care for those with AIDS. b. Development Cons i. Craving (can be quenched) for material things, money, status, celebrity. ii. Buddhists will not buy into this idea in the marketplace. The religion does not advocate participation in a global economy. II. Islam a. Very geographic: As it spread, it adapted to the culture of the place. b. The Islam in SW Asia is not the same as the Islam in S. Asia or SE Asia. c. Development Pros i. Support of public health, including family planning to promote health and wellbeing of women and children. ii. Should control corruption, addictive drugs, trafficking of women and children, spread of HIV, and exploitation of the poor. d. Development Cons i. Prohibition on usury has prevented development of normal banking institutions credit, investment loans, etc. ii. Conflict between ummah (adherence to faith) and nationalism in loyalty and allegiance could be counted either way.
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iii. Restrictions on women in society (modesty) and institutions have deprived
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Notes 4.14.11 - Geog 120 Notes 4.14.11 Religions and...

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