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Geog 120 Notes 4.26.11 Final - 4 essay questions, two lengthy, two don’t require too much writing. - Goal = 2 hour test. - Only regions that we have covered after the midterm will be on the final. - Think in term of development: Millenium development goals (KNOW ALL 8) and specific examples of how they are carried out. What development is; how it’s measured. Structural adjustment and Religion. - Summarize: Population distribution and concentration of region and WHY. - There will be multiple choice and true/false. However, essay questions will weigh heavily. - Major environmental issues in each region. - Think of: God Grew Tired of Us, the lecture about religion, Adam’s lectures on
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Unformatted text preview: Latin America.-Nation-States and the Role of Nation-States (in different regions).-Religion lectures: Understand how religions and their tenets affect development. Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism. Understand Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path. Ex: Buddhism makes Western model of development difficult because it is very anti-consumerist. -Dominant climates in S, SE Asia = Monsoon (wet/dry season, dominates everything climate/weather related). Know places/features of each region (map quizzes). -Most successful way to make change: local development initiatives....
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