Notes 9.8.10

Notes 9.8.10 - Strike: If you have one set and change it...

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Drama 116 9.8.10 The Voms : Side/center entrance on the ground floor. The House : The audience/where they sit. House Manager: Person who manages the theatre, keep it clean, etc. Do a house report (loud audience, how many showed up/left. Late Comers: People who come late. Wings: Space on side of the stage that’s backstage. Foot Lights: Lights on the floor to illuminate the actors. Special: A lighting effect for a particular moment. Conveys a mood/weather. Follow Spot: Follow actors with lights. Quick Change: A quick change of costume. Spike Marks: Marks on the stage (tape) for props or scenery. Stage Hands/ Crew: Handle lights, move scenery/props, etc. Headset: chunky earphones used to communication.
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Unformatted text preview: Strike: If you have one set and change it then you strike it. Half Hour: Thirty minutes before the show Places!: The call that stage manager gives when the show is ready to start. Calling the Show: Ten out of Twelve: The number of hours you can use for technical rehearsal, delegated by union. Blackout: Instant darkening/ cutting of lights. Archival Video: Breaks: union allows actors breaks. Equity Day Off: Day of the week that actors dont work, typically Monday. Mock Up: A costume made out of muslin. Glow Tape: Little glow in the dark pieces of tape that guide actors to exits during times of low light. Make-Up: Make-up. Call Back:...
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Notes 9.8.10 - Strike: If you have one set and change it...

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