Paper - A Critical Analysis of Fences By Jorge Rossello...

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A Critical Analysis of Fences By: Jorge Rossello Section 002 PID: 714807470 November 8 th , 2010 On my honor, I neither gave nor received unauthorized help on this assignment ______________________________________
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Exceptional craftsmanship and powerful acting were the two most notable factors contributing to PlayMakers Repertory Company’s entertaining and thought-provoking production of August Wilson’s Fences on November 3 rd , 2010. From the moment the audience entered the Paul Green Theatre until the curtain call, the intricate set designed by Jan Chambers stood out as the most impressive feature of the performance as a whole. Of all the actors, Charlie Robinson and Ray Anthony Thomas gave the most convincing and emotional performances as Troy and Gabriel, respectively. The few errors that occurred were minute and did not noticeably detract from the integrity and overall quality of the performance. Under the direction of Seret Scott, PlayMakers Repertory Company’s rendition of Fences successfully combined all of the elements of production in this enjoyable experience. As previously mentioned, the work of set designer Jan Chambers culminated in a beautiful and functional set that received attention and praise from many members of the audience. As people filled the theatre and first saw the Maxson household, many stared in appreciation of the great attention to detail and hard work that went into creating it. The run- down, cluttered brick house was not only realistic and aesthetically pleasing, but it also added another dimension to the performance in that actors could actually enter it and speak lines audibly from inside it. The cluttered porch, dirty front yard spotted with weeds, and
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Paper - A Critical Analysis of Fences By Jorge Rossello...

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