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Phil 089h Notes 4.8.10 Johnston Salvation is a way in which we have to reorient/reconcile ourselves to the horrors of this life. (arbitrary suffering, aging, death). Keep faith with the importance of goodness and an openness to love. It is a new orientation that effectively addresses the large scale defects of life. Theological virtues change the terms in life. It is degrading to surrender to power just because they are supposedly more powerful and believe in an afterlife in which you will have good things forever, and it is idolatrous.
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Unformatted text preview: Science is a great way to make sense of the world, make predictions, and make things in the world serve our purposes. It is the way we understand the world, but science cannot explain many things. It cant explain the experience of a wedding, for example. Science can give causal relations between every material particle at a wedding, but the experience of the wedding is different. Scientism : View that science can explain everything in the universe. Science gives us an inexhaustible vision of reality....
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