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Phil 089h Notes 4.13.10 Johnston describes a God that is perfect in all respects and makes himself known to us. By responding to the one, true God, we can achieve our salvation. It is an achievement to believe in God. You have to choose the right God to believe in. Idolatry (worshipping idols; statues, any being less than the highest being) falls short of that achievement. A main point of the book is the rejection of supernaturalism. Conceptions of religions or God as supernatural entities are idolatrous. The experience of God has to be a direct one. Interpreting weird occurrences as the work of God (a dream, a random happening, a burning bush, a voice in the clouds) is incorrect.
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Unformatted text preview: A miracle is something that flies in the face of the way nature operates, it is not just a very improbable event. It is something that is scientifically impossible. Science v Scientism: Science is a tremendous human achievement where we learn to understand how many of the things in the world operate. We abstract from the everyday experiences and we open our doors to understanding and predicting the way that the world works. Salvation: To be redeemed from the awful sins that we have committed and the awful experiences of the world. The word “logos” from the Old Testament means both “word” and “reason”. God is not above reason....
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