Paper 2 - PHIL 89H FYS: Proofs of the Existence of God...

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PHIL 89H Spring 2010 FYS: Proofs of the Existence of God Cover sheet for Papers Attach this sheet to the front of your papers. Remember: Do not write your name on your papers. Do give your papers a title. Name:_____________________________________________________________________ Please print Paper Title:_________________________________________________________________ Honor code Pledge:___________________________________________________________ Please sign
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David Hume’s Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion provides both support and refutations of the classic argument for the existence of God known as the argument from design. In Part III, Cleanthes responds to the empiricist views of Philo. Philo contends that all human knowledge concerning cause and effect comes from our many experiences of two events happening in succession and then our inference that there must be a relationship between them. So, we are led to believe that the presence of the effect is reason enough to conclude that the other event, the cause, is also present. For example, since we have seen only people building sand castles on multiple occasions, we infer that the presence of a sand castle means that it was built by a human rather than blown into form by the wind. Since we have experienced falling and have seen that walking out of a window on the fourth floor of a building typically resorts in a
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Paper 2 - PHIL 89H FYS: Proofs of the Existence of God...

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