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1 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MARSHALL SCHOOL OF BUSINESS SPRING 2010 FBE 441: INVESTMENTS Class 15360, MW 2:00-3:50pm, Room JKP 112 Class 15362, MW 4:00-5:50pm, Room JKP 112 1. Contact Information: - Instructor: Pedro Matos - Office: HOH 523 (5th floor of Hoffman Hall) - E-mail: [email protected] - Course Website: on http://blackboard.usc.edu - Office Hours: Monday 09.00-10.00a.m. (or by appointment) 2. Course Objectives: The objective of the course is to study the theory and empirical evidence relevant for investing. The major topics include: . Overview of capital markets . Optimal portfolio selection . The relation between risk and return . Delegated portfolio management and performance evaluation . Fixed income securities . Derivative markets (time permitting) The course material is biased toward equity markets since there are separate Marshall courses that cover fixed income and derivative markets. 3. Prerequisites and Expectations: - Finance: You must have a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts in finance: the time-value of money; the relation between risk and return; the basic features and valuation of stocks and bonds. These topics are covered in BUAD 306 (a prerequisite course). I expect you to review the material from BUAD 306 as necessary. - Math and Statistics: The study of investments is inherently quantitative. Knowledge of basic statistics (means, covariances, multiple regression, etc.) is indispensable and used repeatedly throughout the semester. I expect you to spend the time necessary to refresh your statistical knowledge. In addition, you should be very comfortable with basic algebra and calculus . - Computers/Software/ Calculators: Many of the examples in lectures and problem sets require Microsoft Excel (or a similar product). You will need access to a computer and familiarity with Excel. I will assume that you know how to use spreadsheets to perform some basic analysis. Students are also expected to bring a calculator to every class section and to all examinations. 4. Grading Criteria, Exams and Course Policy: Grades will be assigned based on the following weights according to 2 schemes. Your overall course score will be calculated using the scheme that is most favorable to you.
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2 Scheme 1 Scheme 2 Mid-Term Exam
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FBE441_Spring10_Investments_Syllabus - UNIVERSITY OF...

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