16 types of - Conglomerate-adding new unrelated products or services Defensive Joint venture-2 or more companies form temporary partnership to

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16 TYPES OF STRATEGIES Enhancing Organizational Performance Strategic Management allows organizations to be effective. The process allows proactive rather than reactive decision-making. Integration: Forward -gaining ownership or control over distributors and retailers. Backward -gaining ownership or control of suppliers. Horizontal -gaining ownership or control of competitors. Intensive: Market penetration -increase market share through greater marketing efforts Market development -intro present products/services into new geographic areas Product development - increase sales by improving present products/services Diversification: Concentric -adding new, but related products/services Horizontal -adding new, unrelated products/services for present customers
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Unformatted text preview: Conglomerate-adding new, unrelated products or services Defensive: Joint venture-2 or more companies form temporary partnership to capitalize on an opportunity. Retrenchment-regroups through cost and asset reduction to reverse declining profit/sales. Divestiture-selling a division or part of an organization Liquidation-selling all assets for their tangible worth. Combination-pursuing 2 or more strategies simultaneously Michael Porter’s Generic Strategies: Cost leadership-producing standardized products at a very low cost per unit Differentiation-producing products/services considered unique for price insensitive consumers. Focus-producing products/services that fulfill needs of small groups of consumers....
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