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Date: February 22, 2011 NCM 105 LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT POST-TEST QUESTIONS Name: Briones, Ma Antoinetted Part I: Abbreviations: 1. OF - 2. PNSS - 3. IFC-UB - 4. NKA - 5. CBR © BRP - 6. TSB 7. Hgb - Part II: 8. Why do we need to turn a patient with diabetes ulcer side to side every two hours? 9. Metabollic disorder that affects the production of Insulin in the pancreas?
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Syringe used in administering Insulin? 11. Angle to administer skin test 12. 1 gtt= 13.Inflammation of the IV site Part III: Calculations 14. D5LRS 500 CC to run for 6 hours. Find gtt/min 15. Find ml/hr....
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