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Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics MEM 423 Mechanics of Vibrations Spring 2010-2011 Designation: Elective Catalog Description : Reviews Laplace transforms, linear algebra, and modeling of basic mechanical systems; covers modeling and analysis of multi DOF systems with and without viscous and Coulomb damping; introduces modes, nodes and mode shapes of discrete and continuous systems. Prerequisites : Dynamics (MEM238), Systems II (old tDec 222) or equivalent Textbook(s) and other required material: Required: Mechanical Vibrations , S.S.Rao, 4th edition, Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13- 048987-5 MatLab software Course Objectives: 1. Generate models of multi DOF mechanical systems. 2. Determine and characterize system responses. 3. Use Equivalent elements for simplification. 4. Employ Lagrangean method for model development. 5. Determine frequencies, modes, and mode shapes. 6. Generate models of continuous systems. 7.
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MEM423Sp10_11.Syllabus - Mechanical Engineering and...

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