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Human Body Systems Transcript

Human Body Systems Transcript - energy from all of the...

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Create a 5- to 7- slide presentation on a human organ system. Select one of the following organ systems: Nervous Hormonal Digestive Respiratory Cardiovascular Circulatory Urinary Skeletal-Muscular Reproduction Immune Address the following points in your presentation: What is the purpose of the system? What body parts make up the system? What are the purposes of those parts? Select one other organ system: How do the systems interact and support each other? Include detailed speaker’s notes on each slide. Format your paper, in-text citations, and references according to APA standards. Post your presentation as a Microsoft ® PowerPoint ® attachment. Human Body Systems Transcript 1. Systems of the Human Body 2. Digestive System o What is wonderful about the digestive system? o It is a compact, self renewing conveyor belt that produces body tissues and
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Unformatted text preview: energy from all of the foods you eat! 3. Nervous System o Why is the nervous system amazing? o It is your body’s communication machine! o It is made up of your brain and all of your nerves that are your message delivering pathways. 4. The Bone & Muscle System o Why should you care about studying your bones and muscles? o If you do not exercise, your muscles will turn to flab! o If your bones do not get exercise, they will lose calcium that keeps them strong! 5. Respiratory System o What organ controls breathing? o Your lungs collect the oxygen you breathe and pass it on to the rest of your body. o From there, EVERY living cell in your body is involved in respiration! 6. How can you keep your body healthy? o Eat healthy foods every day. o Exercise every day. o Get lots of sleep every night....
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