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Checkpoint A - and feel sick in their stomachs as well I...

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Checkpoint - A: Eating—What, When, and How Much One of the factors that determine what we eat is the learned taste preferences and aversions, which I think is true because people generally do not eat what is healthy for them but instead they tend to eat what they like. I think in a controlled environment or experiment if a person was forced to eat something that they did not like, for example if you hate liver but it is the only source of nourishment that you have, you will force yourself to eat it. One of the factors in when we eat is pre-meal hunger, which I agree with because if many people do not eat dinner by 5:30pm everyday at lease they may get headaches
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Unformatted text preview: and feel sick in their stomachs as well. I think that many people do experience this while they are experiencing pre-hunger symptoms. One of the factors of how much we eat is sensory-specific satiety; which is the number of different tastes available at each meal and has a major effect on a person’s meal size. In the text, does my personal experience support these concepts? Yes, my personal experiences do support these concepts because for example I must eat at least every four to five hours or I will feel sick. Another example is I know that some foods are bad for me, like chocolate but I can’t stay away from it, not completely....
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