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Checkpoint - B: Set and Settling Points The difference between the ideas of set points versus settling points in relation to weight control is set points are more biology based; thus it means that the human body naturally wants to be at a certain weight and it will try to reach that weight by adjusting the appetite, metabolism, and activity levels as well. The weight that the human body is trying to reach is the set point. Settling points are the same thing but with a slight difference, whereas the weight that the human body will try to reach, but it isn't set by the birth of the gene pool that people inherit from their parents though, it is influenced by the environment, which people grow up into. For example if there is a lot of food around a person and they don't have to exercise a lot in their everyday life, then
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Unformatted text preview: they will have a higher weight as a settling point; thus their body will think that higher weight is normal. Another example is if a person lives on a farm and has to get their food by ploughing fields and milking cows, thus their life will have a lot of exercise and not as much fatty, yummy food, which will cause their body will think that a lower weight is normal and that will be their settling point. Which do I believe to be true? While I do believe that set and settling points are real close to being similar to each other but I personally think that settling points more accurately describes and explains why people have weight problems because for some people it may be their environment that they grow up in but it may also be their gene pool that they inherit from their parents....
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