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Week Eight Concept Check Describe what the graph of interval [-4, 10] looks like. An open circle means "this end point is not included". Then darken in the line segment between the two points. In this case both end points are included in the plot. A square bracket means that the interval includes that endpoint. Since in the problem both brackets are square, both endpoints are included. This interval goes from -4 to 10 and includes the endpoints -- on a number line, you fill in those
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Unformatted text preview: endpoints. Alternatively, instead of filling in the endpoints, you can draw a bracket at -4 and another bracket at 10. If the interval had included parentheses, you would not have filled in the circles (or if you used brackets/ parenthesizes, you would have put a parenthesizes on the number line). Here is the graph with the circles (both filled in):...
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