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Empathy Exercise - judgments based on the first thing that...

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Empathy Exercise I do have a person in my life that I have animosity towards because he physically hurt my family with violent tendencies that he often had in the past. I know that my negative feelings towards him exist because I am unwilling or unable to see the world through his eyes or from his point of view. Frank is my sister Sam’s ex-boyfriend, even though they are through, I still have some negative feelings because I fear that history will repeat itself. Years ago when I was little my other sister Tina had a abusive spouse but I was too little to save her from him; I think that is why I project so much animosity and resentment towards Frank because he represents the guy that I could not save my sister from. I also think that why I formed these feelings and I tend to make snap
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Unformatted text preview: judgments based on the first thing that I see or hear about this person. I think that since I could not save my one sister from her own mistakes; that I can save my other sister because I am older and stronger now, even though I know logically that this makes no sense to me but my heart does not know that yet. • If I ever found out that, I was mistaken and he did not hurt or abuse my sister, then yes, I would be willing to change the opinions that I have about him. Yes, I would be willing to make an effort to change the basic of the relationship but I do not see that happening. Well I would give him the benefit of the doubt more often than I do now but to be completely honest I do not think that we would ever be close or friends even because too much has happened....
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