Intelligence Vs Wisdom

Intelligence Vs Wisdom - problem solving. If she had then...

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Intelligence Versus Wisdom Here is a good example of an intelligent person who acted unwisely and had to pay the consequences for their actions are Martha Stewart. She was an intelligent person, she ran her own company even. She acted unwisely when she used insider information, which in turn landed her in jail for the consequences. I am honestly not sure whether it was a lack of emotional intelligence, successful intelligence, or both that caused her lack of judgment. I think she was not thinking clearly at the time. Maybe she assumed that she would get away with it. I think that the aspect of learning wisdom she was lacking, which contributed to her lack of judgment greatly because she did not work at mastering the steps of effective
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Unformatted text preview: problem solving. If she had then things would not have gotten so completely out of control for her. In addition, I think that she was not thinking of anyone but herself. I have another example of an intelligent person acting unwisely, Pets Rose. He was almost in the hall of fame but he threw it way for gambling. I mean he threw away something that he loved for a few dollars and today he still cannot play baseball because he will not come clean about what happened with his gambling. He was lacking learning wisdom as well because he was not thinking of working at mastering the steps of effective problem solving for his problems....
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