Patterns of Evolution

Patterns of Evolution - structure Both have evolved to...

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Patterns of Evolution Humanity does change their surroundings in such ways; which other organisms can’t but is humanity subjected to the similar pressures of natural selection as other organisms are? I don’t believe humanity is subjected to pressures of natural selection such as other mammals. This is due to scientific medical advances in recent years. Physical deformities, genetic conditions, and severe illnesses that used to be fatal in people or disabled them thus they wouldn’t be able to survive are now able to; due to medical technology. Technology, advances such as social programs, the way people live in general plays a part in the survival of people with issues that wouldn’t survive otherwise. A broad and good example of convergent evolution is birds and bats. Birds and bats aren’t similar species in most ways. Bats are mammals, birds are not. Birds have hollow bones, bats don’t. Still both birds and bats fly with wings that are similar in
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Unformatted text preview: structure. Both have evolved to similar survival mechanisms as flight; while they don’t come from the same heritage. One of these examples that can have an interesting effect on humans is the evolution of human skin color. Millions of years ago humans evolved to have different skin colors based on the climate in which they lived. This is an ever changing issue in modern times because of the human's ability to travel with minimal effort. Modern advances in housing also do not make skin color a necessary trait for survival. As people with different skin tones and colors move around the world and interbreed it is thought that in the future people will have evolved to all have generally the same skin tone which will be a tan color such as you would see in the offspring of one dark skinned person and one light skinned person....
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