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Personal Constructs - How is this construct related to my own social perspectives My personal constructs are related to my social perspectives

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Personal Constructs What is a personal construct? A personal construct is a person’s way of looking at life, the world, and the people around them based upon their own experiences. A person’s personal constructs or beliefs about life, the world shapes the way they make decisions about their own life. An example of a personal construct I have noticed is true for my own life. A personal construct that I have noticed about my own life is my personal perspective towards people. Based on my own experiences in my own atrocious childhood, I have trouble trusting people at face value. I always think that people are lying to me based on my past experiences with my family. My personal constructs does influence my personal behavior, such as it takes me a long time to trust my own decisions even. I am always second guessing myself because I am so afraid of making the same mistakes that my siblings have made in their lives.
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Unformatted text preview: How is this construct related to my own social perspectives? My personal constructs are related to my social perspectives because based on my own personal experiences I do not trust people and my personality is more introverted than it is extraverted. I think that my social perspective of the world is somewhat dysfunctional because of my upbringing, which is why I view the world with such a critical judgment. What is the relationship between my personal constructs and my own behavior? My personal constructs does not define my personal behavior but it does explain some of my behavior. For example I tend to over analyze every decision, every choice that I have ever made in my life because my personal constructs tell me to be indecisive about my choices....
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