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Psy Appendix A - Appendix A Final Project Overview For your...

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Appendix A Final Project Overview For your final project, you will write a 1,750- to 2,100-word paper that covers the following elements: 1. Introduction 2. Part A: Apply your understanding of the causes and treatments of schizophrenia. Include the following: Areas of the brain affected Causal factors Associated symptoms The neural basis Appropriate drug therapies 3. Part B: From a biopsychologist’s perspective, interpret the two case studies you chose. Include the following in your discussion: Your understanding of the problem presented in each case study from the perspective of a biopsychologist Each problem’s relation to the nature-nurture issue and any relevant portions of the Basics of Biopsychology text Any helpful drug interventions or solutions Any positive or negative aspects of the drug interventions or solutions 4. Conclusion Your paper must be written in APA format and posted as an attachment. You must also use at least five outside sources for your paper, including three peer-reviewed articles.
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