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Introduction to Marketing Quiz 1. What is marketing? 2. What is a good? 3. What is a service? 4. What determines the effectiveness of the marketing process? 5. Name two trends that greatly impact our modern world. 6. What is utility? 7. List the four major types of utility. 8. What are the three types of consumers? Describe each of them in a few words. 9. What are the four elements of the marketing mix? List the elements of each of them. 10.What is the channel of distribution? 11.What are the elements of the promotional mix? Come up with a clever way to
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Unformatted text preview: remember them. 12.What is a point-of-purchase display? 13.What is an economic system? Name the three economic systems outlined in the package and describe each in a few words. 14.Name four parts of the marketing plan. 15.Explain the difference between costs and expenses. 16.What are the different financing options for a company? 17.What is the product life cycle and what are its four stages? Your score here: __________ Great work! Now youve just made yourself your first set of DECA marketing notes! Keep it up....
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