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History 5, Fall 2010 Outline: Lecture XXIII p. 1 18 November 2010 The Russian Revolution—A Dialogue I.  What the Revolution was and when it happened (February 1917, October 1917) II. Causes of the Revolution: Failed Reforms of Alexander II (1855-1881) A. Peasant Crisis: Emancipation (1861) and Unrest (1904-1907) B. Nobility’s attempts at reform: 1. Constitutional Movement (Kadets and the ‘Duma,’ 1905) 2. Revolutionary Movement: Terrorism, Anarchism, Bolshevism C. De-legitimization of the Old Regime: Rasputin and Alexandra III. A Twentieth-Century Revolution A World War I B. Industrial Workers C. Ideology: Marxism and world revolution—History fast-forward
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This note was uploaded on 04/26/2011 for the course HIST 5 taught by Professor Lacur during the Fall '10 term at Berkeley.

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H5-Fall10+Lecture+23+Outline - History5,Fall2010...

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